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U.S. Gas & Electric has teamed up with Sterling Planet to offer you a simple way to make a difference - the best part is that you can be located in ANY time zone to participate! Through our "Green Zone" program, you can reduce your own environmental footprint with just a few simple clicks. The choice of either a one-time purchase, or a month-to-month purchase, is up to you.

Your Green Zone program options are:

  1. Wind energy. Sterling Wind renewable energy certificates come from wind energy projects nationwide and bear Green-e Energy certification. Buying wind energy counterbalances your use of electricity made the conventional way.
  2. Carbon offsets. Sterling Climate carbon offsets comes from a high-quality portfolio of 10% international and 90% U.S. sources that include sustainable land management, methane capture and destruction, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Sterling Planet’s carbon offsets meet stringent qualifications for carbon offset integrity. Buying these offsets neutralizes the environmental impacts of driving, flying and home heating. To learn more, click here.
  3. A combination of the two for carbon neutrality. Buying both products allows you to offset your entire environmental footprint.

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Illinois Gas & Electric is a leading energy supplier for commercial and residential customers. Our expertise resides in supplying energy to customers with a diverse array of energy usage requirements in numerous utility territories. Click here to enroll today!

ILG&E's Environmental Disclosure Labels are available for review: Commonwealth Edison and Ameren
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